Lets talk about my Blueberry Bagel disaster…

I’m going to begin this post by saying that I now feel rather sick after eating one of my homemade bagels. This is probably because of all of the DISASTERS that accompanied my Bagel recipe. The recipe I chose used thawed frozen blueberries but I only had fresh, but whats the difference right? The recipe said to add the blueberries into the yeast mix in the beginning, but your blueberries would break down in the kneading… so I decided I would incorporate them in after kneading. So, there I am happy as larry just making my dough, until I think my mix looks a bit dry so I add a Tbsp. of water forgetting that I will be adding VERY juicy blueberries into the mix later. So oblivious to this mistake, I carry on naively until I begin to add my fruit and it begins to become a literal mound on my hands. Ohhh dear, so I add flour… and some more flour… and some more. Until I give up and accept that it will be a moist dough.

I let it rise for half an hour thinking it would all be ok, and it was until I had to simmer them in water. How on earth do people expect you to refrain from getting covered in sugary water when flipping over bagels? So once I had overcome that obstacle, I went to put them in the oven and realised my trays didn’t fit. Holy hell, I was getting fed up so I just left one out and crammed the other two in. I decide to watch some food network whilst waiting for my bagels to bake. DING its been 20 minutes, so I wonder into the kitchen, open the oven door… what the? they look the same as before? whaaaaaaaat is going oonnn?! I glance quickly at the oven and I have put the oven onto grill.

After another painstaking 30 minutes of baking and 10 minutes of trying to scrape them off my baking trays, my bagels were done. *sigh of relief* they looked ok, not the most mouth-watering of bagels I’ve seen I will admit. I couldn’t wait for any more disasters to come my way so I decided I should try one of these well deserved but evil bagels. A lot of the time I read bloggers posts of their bad experiences with recipes but their end product still tastes like heaven, but of course this was not the case with mine. After all that effort and fuss, my bagels were bland and my blueberries were too sour. The outside was chewy but perhaps too chewy.

So now I sit here feeling rough after eating one of my devil bagels, knowing full well it will be quite a while til I try baking those again.

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