What do you do when your sitting in a house with no baking equipment? BAKE.

Filled Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes

Tip tap tip tap, I listen to the rain on my window knowing it’s going to be another day with torrential rain. And what does one do on such a day? Why bake of course. Except there was one rather big dilemma, I was in a completely baking free zone. Every few weeks I stay round my dads for a weekend but it never crosses my mind to bake. Nevertheless, nothing could stop my baking craving so after trawling the internet, I stumbled across a P&J Cupcake recipe that I linger over time and time again, yearning to bake it one day. I jumped up from beneath my bed cover and beam, today is the day I will bake these cupcakes! I spring to the kitchen on a mission to find some substitute supplies. One thing I have to mention about today, is that I’ve definitely had a hardcore arm workout from all of the hand mixing, never again will I take my mixer for granted! 2 hours later I look at my Dads messy kitchen and all of my make shift bowls (a stewing pot and some pans), knowing that I have exhausted my creativity today, that I have learnt from my mistakes and will always be prepared for baking wherever I go from now on.

I found this recipe on a blog called Annie-Eats. I really love this website, it is so addictive! The amount of times I have flounced around her website just thinking, oh I’ll make that… oh and that… and that… Ok I’ll just bake everything. I really recommend giving this blog a look as she has some great recipes. One small problem I encountered whilst giving this recipe a go is that it is never mentioned when to add the vanilla extract into the batter, so just remember to add it in at some point before putting your cupcakes in the oven. These cupcakes are very rich and filling but for me, nothing is ever too much. So whether your strapped for equipment or overflowing with resources, you now have no excuse to refrain from giving these a try!

About thegreedysprout

A plant and animal loving baker!
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